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CORTICEIRA AMORIM is a case study in an European Forum on Sustainable Construction

12th European Forum on Eco-Innovation, 25-26 April in Amsterdam

CORTICEIRA AMORIM was invited by the European Commission to participate in the "12th European Forum on Eco-innovation-Scaling-up Sustainable Construction through Value Chain Innovation", in Amsterdam, as a case study in the context of sustainable construction. The company will participate in the first day of the initiative, which runs between 25 and 26 April.

CORTICEIRA AMORIM will expose the advantages incorporated the use of Cork in the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, both environmental and socio-economic performance. Support will also be given some of the sustainable solutions for Cork, as the construction of expanded Cork agglomerate, MDFachada Subfloors and underlays the Wicanders, and presented the company's supply chain, developed so as not to generate waste.

Marcel Kies, CORTICEIRA AMORIM's representative in this forum, notes the importance of participation: "initiatives like this are crucial to raise the construction sector and policy makers to the need to look at sustainability as a factor of competitiveness. The invitation to present our case in an event of this magnitude is itself an external recognition of the enormous potential of the Cork to the areas of construction and interior decoration. It is recalled that Cork is the only material that you can associate with an excellent performance, more specifically in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, high wear resistance, versatility and antivibrático support visual and application, with a total respect for the environment during the whole production process, from the moment of extraction until the recycling at the end of product life. ”

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