03 / 09


Wallinblock: An innovative construction solution based on cork

Created from cork agglomerates, Wallinblock uses an innovative technology - OpenCell® - which enables the construction of walls without concrete pillars, resulting in significant gains in terms of construction time in comparison with the traditional method.

Wallinblock is based on modular vertical compartments enabling easy and flexible installation, and is technically and commercially competitive. In addition to these benefits, its use can also simplify the removal of walls for subsequent expansion projects. It is the various wall modules, bolted to the floor, that act as beams supporting the house, making it possible to build an outer wall without the need for concrete pillars.

By incorporating cork agglomerates, Wallinblock offers outstanding thermal, acoustic and fire-retardant properties, and is remarkably energy-efficient in terms of insulation. It is also a solution which enjoys “green” credentials, resulting from the use of natural materials such as cork and a construction method which creates little waste, reducing the ecological footprint of projects using it.
Cork is becoming increasingly popular as a material of choice in the field of Sustainable Construction, with the potential for countless different applications.