03 / 09


Amorim Isolamentos supports Uma Casa Portuguesa (A Portuguese House) Project

This is the concept of Uma Casa Portuguesa (A Portuguese House). A 100% Portuguese house which invites consumers to sample and discover the country’s products during their stay. The aim of the initiative is to bridge the gap between consumers and quality Portuguese products with an experience which puts them in direct contact with those products.

Amorim Isolamentos will provide thermal and acoustic insulation for the house. Expanded insulation corkboard is a sustainable insulation solution manufactured without the use of additives of any kind. Made from a natural, renewable, environmentally-friendly and versatile raw material - cork - it provides very effective insulation, unlimited durability and is totally recyclable.

The architectural plan for the House combines traditional stone construction techniques and the traditional concept of patio houses with contemporary requirements of comfort and habitability. In charge of the architectural design is Pedro Homem, an architect who has already worked with Carrilho da Graça in the past.

Patrícia Valinho, the promotor and person responsible for the project, discusses the thinking behind the initiative: “Portuguese companies need to show their products to the end consumers; if Portuguese people do not consume national products, why should the global market? The Portuguese economy would be more dynamic if everyone consumed a small percentage of Portuguese products. It is not about adopting protectionist measures, but policies which stimulate the economy: acting at home in order to take Portuguese companies abroad. Uma Casa Portuguesa is my contribution: creating a venue which favours consumption of Portuguese products, from the traditional to the innovative ones. From August 2011, this local accommodation venue will be open to the public in one of the Slate Villages, Ferraria de S. João (municipality of Penela).