03 / 09


Detalhes & Design clothed in cork

Cork is increasingly gaining acceptance as a premium, distinctive material for façade coverings. Iconic examples such as the Portugal Pavilion in Hanover in 2000, Quinta do Portal by the architect Siza Vieira, recently distinguished with the Douro Architecture Prize, Pedro Arrupe School in Parque das Nações, or more recently the Portugal Pavilion at Expo Shanghai are a testament to the versatility and application potential of cork as a covering solution.
Natural, renewable and 100% recyclable, cork offers unequalled technical benefits, above all in its resilience and thermal and acoustic insulation.
Motivated by the performance of cork, but also by its aesthetic advantages, Adelino Minhós, the architect in charge of designing Detalhes & Design chose expanded cork agglomerate created by Amorim Isolamentos to cover the building. The use of cork is of huge importance in aesthetic terms, as well as enabling considerable energy savings. Cork acts as a thermal barrier, a decisive argument for a region affected by significant climate variation such as Castelo Branco.