03 / 09


Cork at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

Cork is one of the finest materials on exhibition at the 2010 International Lisbon Architecture Triennale, an edition devoted to the theme "Let's Talk About Houses", to be exhibited at several Portuguese Museums and Institutions as of October 14, 2010. CORTICEIRA AMORIM will be joining this initiative with a view to, on the one hand, contributing to disseminate the Portuguese architecture and, on the other hand, to promote cork and its great potential for use in the construction industry.

The Educational Service of this Triennale is sponsored by CORTICEIRA AMORIM through financial support and the provision of cork products to be used in various activities included in this service. Expanded insulation corkboard manufactured by Amorim Isolamentos has been the solution selected for covering and insulating a house that will be on display at the Electricity Museum during the Triennale.

A key objective of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale is to establish relationships with different sections of the public in relation to architecture. In this respect, the existence of a multidisciplinary, transversal Educational Service that integrates differences was considered to be essential. From primary school to university level, this comprehensive educational program includes guided tours of exhibitions, discussions with curators, architects and artists, workshops, themed debates and a host of other activities.

"Casa Imaginada” (“Imagined House"), a nationwide competition included in the Triennale’s Educational Service, is aimed at primary and secondary school students and has in view making participants aware of the role of architecture in their quality of life. The goal of this competition, which enjoys the support of the Ministry of Education, is to stimulate a critical and creative approach to the discipline of architecture, through the discovery of other cultural, social, economic and emotional realities and values. Participants will be therefore invited to design a model of a single family dwelling according to the specificities of one of the countries present at the Triennale and in line with the needs of sustainable construction.

The use of innovative and sustainable materials - such as cork - is a requirement to be taken into account when designing the model of an Imagined House, thus replicating the idea and concept of the suggested house.
Aware of the potential of cork – a 100 per cent natural, renewable and recyclable material -, CORTICEIRA AMORIM considers that this material has undoubtedly an important role to play in the construction industry and, in particular, in all types of sustainable projects. Therefore, the partnership established with the Architecture Triennale presents itself as an excellent opportunity to disseminate, promote and acknowledge cork’s sustainable construction solutions. In addition, this partnership is perfectly in line with a number of environmental education measures being carried out by Amorim at schools all around Portugal.

The Educational Service Program of this Triennale also includes several games and challenges such as the "City’s Art", the "Dismantled House" and "Your body inhabited" scheduled to take place at the Berardo Collection Museum, the Electricity Museum and the Chiado Museum, the places where the exhibitions will be held. Angola, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Mozambique, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland - apart from Portugal – will also be represented at this event.