03 / 09


Cork with a presence in Wine Elements bars

Wine Elements is a new kind of bar suited to pre-existing spaces (such as a library, a museum or even a train station) conceived with the goal of contributing to the introduction of new wine drinking habits, as opposed to the tradition of drinking wine exclusively at mealtimes.
The idea arose in Portugal, bringing together producer João Portugal Ramos and the company beBusiness, who jointly designed the concept, which combines wine tasting, tapas and literature in a bid to attract younger markets to the world of wine. The first bar has already opened in the Ler Devagar bookshop in Lx Factory in Lisbon, and the decor uses expanded insulation corkboard as a covering for the internal walls, paying homage to the connection between wine and cork stoppers.
A frequently used solution in the construction sector, in particular in projects concerned with sustainable development, expanded cork agglomerate is also increasingly sought after as a decorative option, and is to be used in all of the Wine Elements bars, of which 10 are planned by the end of the year, with prospects for internationalisation to Brazil and Mozambique.