Corticeira Amorim


With origins dating back to 1870, CORTICEIRA AMORIM has from an early stage been the world's leading cork processing company. This success reflects the work, determination and courage of successive generations striving for the development of new products and solutions using cork, in an incessant quest for new geographical markets and consumers.

If cork is known and used today, this is in large measure due to the enthusiasm with which CORTICEIRA AMORIM pursues development, research and innovation, ensuring that cork applications are the solutions of choice for the 21st century, able to meet the needs of a wide range of demanding sectors as varied as the wine industry, aeronautics or construction. 

As far as the construction market is concerned, cork is undoubtedly a product with unique characteristics. Natural and versatile, entirely renewable and recyclable, it presents itself as a solution for the future of construction, where it is beginning to play a major role.

The sustainable construction market has features which clearly set it apart from conventional construction. A number of criteria are employed in the definition of sustainable projects, and cork, thanks to its eco-friendly credentials and unique technical advantages, is a perfect fit for the requirements of the sector.

At CORTICEIRA AMORIM, aware of cork's potential for application in construction, incessant efforts have been made to develop and improve solutions for the sector, notably the acquisition of a number of stringent certifications, which testify to the superior technical and environmental credentials of our products and ensure the continued adoption of best practices.

We believe in this natural and renewable raw material. CORTICEIRA AMORIM will continue its commitment to developing new cork products and solutions, aware of the high added value it brings to the different applications in which it is used, in perfect harmony with Nature. 

Prefer cork. Build a present with future.

Yours cordially,
António Rios de Amorim